Lady Rock new collection for the bathroom

The bathroom has long ceased to be the great forgotten in home decorating to move to take the place of importance it deserves. More and more furniture collections and health that offer interesting solutions for all types of bathrooms and especially for small bathrooms.


Specifically Rock has launched its new collection Lady, precisely oriented in that direction. With a contemporary design with clean lines and neutral, this new collection offers a wide range of measures. This allows us to combine and customize different parts and bathroom space, being suitable even for smaller bathrooms.
Rock This new proposal includes more than thirteen solutions sinks, toilet and six of furniture available in five different sizes. It also has two options combined, Pack: furniture, washbasin, mirror and lighting and Unik: cabinet with sink.

Lady sinks come in three formats: with pedestal, with siphon and angular. Thus we have options adaptable to spaces of all kinds. On the other hand, the toilets in the collection stand out for having the first model available with two types of tanks: the standard two-piece and one-piece tank.
Lady toilets also feature on its cover with a slit that facilitates opening of the seat, as seen in the image above these lines. Of course the collection also takes into account the respect for the environment among other details incorporating dual-flush toilets.

As for the furniture, and five measures, four finishes and accessories such as mirrors and auxiliary modules, among which the column-mirror. They are very functional furniture with a great capacity for internal organization.


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LADY KATANA -  Bathroom