Laminate Flooring Colors

The laminate floors are a good alternative to wood floors. More and more people prefer to choose a solution that does not require a great expenditure statement but it’s still nice to see. In fact, the laminate reproduces the main essences of wood and the results are quite good and the like. It is usually hard to find laminate flooring or parquet floors in environments where water flows more, then bathroom and kitchen, because of the ‘moisture and for this a good tiler usually do not recommend the installation in these rooms.


When it comes to flooring we usually think of the tile, marble or parquet floors in general. This is due to a deep-rooted tradition and habit to these materials, but as many of you may well know, there are alternatives such as porcelain tile and laminate. In this article we want to show you own all the properties of the laminate, discover its pros, cons and prices.

First of all let’s understand what is good together. It is a surface that reproduces, almost faithfully floors. A laminate is composed of a protective film, a sheet that reproduces the essence of choice wood, a panel of resin and wood fiber and a counterbalancing. It is easy to lay, it’s cheap, it’s pretty tough (I think it is often used in business premises), does not change color and does not require any maintenance which a flooring needs.
The convenience of the laminate is also recognized in the pose. Usually there was a need to break the old floor to make room for the new. In this case, the need will be less because the laminate can be laid directly on the existing basis. It’s so easy lay it that many do with their own hands, without the need for any expert.

The laminate is commercially available in various colors l egnosi. The classic and most commonly selected are oak, walnut, beech, ash, pine, white, maple or chestnut but there are now numerous varieties. The values ​​of which account must be taken are the thickness, which varies from 6 to 12 mm, and it goes without saying that the more often is more robust, and the resistance to wear, that is between the values ​​from 1 to 5 and is indicated with the initials AC.

The prices are quite variable and are considered per sqm. Generally, an average price per square meter of a laminate is around 35/40 € but there are also other products that are less expensive but also more expensive. The last advice we can give is to buy at least 15% more product, in case of future need or laying errors.


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