Lamp from circular plates with light & shadow effects

Modern and original design are the key words for this lamp. The round plate Discocó lamp is characterised by a play of light and shadow, but without losing to Bleuchtungsfähigkeit. You lit the area directly under her and therefore perfectly suitable for dining tables, desks, or other places that need a-centric light. So, the lamp of round plates was already chosen for the interiors of various facilities, such as private homes, hotels, restaurants and Cafés. The design is suitable as a Wall lamp.

lamp made of round plates Cafe interior White Lighting

But even in switched off the lamp from round plates is extremely impressive. It is made from a total of 35 disc-shaped platelets, who overlap on the one hand and also certain distances to each other, to make penetrate to the light. The plates are all on a core of chrome, which also ensures light reflections. Two more to train gefuegt were the existing glossy color picker. However, the lamp from round plates is now available in beige and gray available in a frosted version. In addition also a new size, which can now be selected from all five models.

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