Lamp made of marble and Swarovski with unique design

We would like to introduce an excellent design, that no home should be without. It’s a lamp made of marble and Swarovski, which undoubtedly sets an accent in the Interior and serves not only the lighting, but also as a unique decoration. In this article, can you look at some detailed pictures of the lamp in two color variants and get a closer look at the surface structure, which makes this lamp.

lamp made of marble and Swarovski hemispherical lampshade black

The elegant lamp made of marble and Swarovski is called Dutchess lamp and company was established by the Latvian design mammalampa. Their elegant appearance is that knowledge, that the crystals were hand-made, emphasized even more. The Lampshade covered with marble pieces and Swarovksi has a classic shape, and a hemisphere. The surface is unique in the truest sense of the word, because no light is like the other. The lamp made of marble and Swarovski is there an elegant, black marble, but also in white so that a neutral variant for every room it is. But also combined the lamps appear to be very attractive.

Marble lamp Swarovski surface light glittering light

Both colours which are suitable for various interior design styles, but especially for the modern, minimalist style. Another interesting detail, that might not be noticeable at first glance, but is yet to mention, is the interesting node that was integrated into the cable. As you see, even the otherwise boring cable in interesting ways has been beefed up. Look now at some pictures!

lamp lighting marble swarovski crystals black Stuecken

lamp made of marble and Swarovski white black design lamp marble swarovski cable interior design ideas lamp marble swarovski weissdesign noble material design