Lamps with recycled plastic waste

You know that we Interiorismos you love everything that has to do with recycling, especially if the result is as amazing as that of the project will speak today. This is the PET LAMP , a lamp made ​​with plastic waste.

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The initiative began in 2011, when sociologist and activist Hélène Le Drogou , worried about plastic waste contaminating the Amazon, proposed Álvaro Catalán be part of this project focused on the reuse of plastic bottles to give their view as an industrial designer.

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Lamp description
The idea is to convert an object with a specific short hope in a life enriched by the product cosmogony of the local culture. To do this, a cylindrical ornament, made ​​of iron and subsequent machining, as a black hole from which the different cables fall design. The choice of cable is essential to connect naturally the language of the lampshade with the cylinder and to the various electrical components. So, they opted for a textile cord, made ​​especially for them, in bright colors.

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Of course, wanted to keep the role of the cap and neck, so characteristic of the bottles. Another aspect to consider is that of transparency, which allows a recorded visible iron ring, wherein the weight and identification lamp, data that allow the customer to know the origin and history of each lamp appears.

Crochet Lamps Shades

The lamps were presented at the International Furniture Fair in Milan, Spazio Rossana Orlandi in. In addition, they passed through Casa Decor 2013 .