Landscaping ideas – 12 great projects for garden paths

The walk in the garden plays a very important role for the general feeling, which you have in an outdoor area. Therefore, it is important that it is running on an individual and elegant manner.

stones and pebbles garden design ideas garden path design

Today we see different-shaped plates on pebbles in the first picture. Laterally, this beautiful route is flanked by flower pots. The length of the project is a total of 24 meters and each individual range is to the 1.10 m. It has left about 10 cm between the individual plates. See how great the orange facade in the background through the neutral and green colours of the route comes to the fore. You have really want to come home!

garden design ideas garden path designed landscaping with grass and stteinen

Landscaping ideas on how you can build a functional and decorative garden way This rural Pergola supports were also built in pebbles. The area, which is covered with this, is to the 6 square meters. You will reach the whole thing over a route of 1, 20 meters, which lead. Here you have a small Square Garden in which one has planted a tree. Plenty of benches surrounded him. The whole is surrounded by irregular shaped stones. Is this not a great way to spice up the area in front of the entrance?

garden design ideas make gartenweg landscaping with stteinen hedge grass stone pavement

In the next example we have with ceramic to do that looks like bricks. Has made it through the ceramic, transferred the atmosphere of an Italian Villa at the entrance of the House. This is very good on all cases. The steps which lead from the top to the bottom in this Court, have been cut out from a tree trunk. Quite fresh, the whole works with green, that drum around was planted.

garden design ideas make gartenweg pebbles wood pergola wood table wood bench

In the next example, we see the so-called Portuguese mosaic. The edges of the grass area are clearly defined in organic forms.Washed granite is the material in the next route. It consists of ground stones which have been blended with cement. The professionals who use a
running path, should be familiar but very good.

garden design ideas garden design garden path on a slope stairs stone

Tree bark have been used in the design of the next route. He was decorated with natural green first and foremost. Curvaceous design determines the character of this route. We see Brown quartz on the next route. Through this material and the organic forms here has spread a great Zen atmosphere.It has applied sandstone in the next example. One runs when iterating through the rectangular panels to the House.

design garden design ideas garden path stone pavement

garden design ideas make gartenweg landscaping with stteinen wood bench

garden design ideas potted plants make gartenweg concrete pavement

garden design ideas potted plants make gartenweg courtyard

garden design ideas with natural plant materials pebble stones make gartenweg garden

garden ideas design garden path garden design with pebble tiles wood country style

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