Large flower wooden planter – 47 DIY Ideas

Raised beds or large planters made of wood can be found in the garden Department of certain amount of money. With a little technical skill, some free time and from wood residues, you can build yourself something nice and fashion according to personal taste. Search the wooden slats or boards, boxes or an old barrel would suitable for the purpose. Much tool would not also needed – hammer, nails, screwdriver and possibly a hand saw, the wood not in matching pieces fall should be cut. Everything else is up to registrations and your imagination. Collect ideas and great examples of large flower pots made of wood in the outdoor area.

Flower pots wooden barrel flower planting multicolored old vintage look

If you want to grow ornamental plants in your garden or on the balcony, planter made of wood could be effectively used for this purpose. Make a medium size high bed, small vertical garden or a spice garden from euro range from wood residues. These and other cool ideas follow in the photo gallery.

Flower pots wooden raised bed garden vertical spices basil mintze

To build planters wood itself must be complicated. Here we show you how easy and with materials that are home to find a great piece of jewelry for the outdoor area itself can tinker. The best is this DIY project for balconies and terrace are covered – the bucket should be placed directly under any water.

decorative Flowerpot building large wooden crate wood wooden slats simply himself

Useful materials:

-Umzugstkarton – as far as possible free from writing or stamping

-solid copper wire

-Wooden slats or boards – the length of the sides of the carton should correspond to

-fixed plastic bag

-Hot melt Adhesive

Flower pots wooden raised bed table bench gravel outdoor garetn

Find a moving box with desired size so that the finished flower pots wooden later well stands in the planned place. Use diligently and comprehensively to cover the plastic bag and the inner side of carton – this ensures a long-lasting hold. After the inside is finished, let’s start with the outside – horizontal align the wooden slats or brätter and fix them with hot glue. The base of copper wire shapes by using a pair of pliers and attach it to the four bottom corners. For safety, you can attach an additional fifth base in the middle of the cardboard base. The last step is a suitable plant to seek out that would fit in a box and would be too hard for the layering structure. Keep in mind that this flower pots made of wood should be used a decorative and is not weatherproof.

Flower pots wooden raised bed herb garden build yourself idea

Flower pots wooden raised bed under the window garden plants flowers

Flowerpot barrel spices balcony outdoor garden terrace-idea

Flowerpot forest gravel lavender COSE bed garden outdoor

Flowerpot plaster wooden box flowers small pond garden outdoor wood

Flowerpot raised bed wholesalers outdoor watering planters

Flowerpot raised bed wholesalers strawberry flowers outdoor garden

Flowerpot raised bed wood led wall pavé garden lawn

Flowerpot wholesalers real wood barrel switch country house outdoor vintage plaster

Flowerpot wood bamboo wooden boxes outdoor garden soil path

Flowerpot wood beautiful diy wooden slats raised bed wooden box lawn garden

Flowerpot wood diy decorative plant pots plant art deco copper feet

Flowerpot wood diy decorative wooden slats flowers copper feet frame

Flowerpot wood diy Greathammer wooden slats brand garden craft

Flowerpot wood DIY material deco just stick wooden slats

Flowerpot wood fern jute rope-high brick wall doorstep outdoor

Flowerpot wood fern white beautiful paving brick wall white idea

Flowerpot wood flowers plants garden creepers ideal to do by yourself

Flowerpot wood flowers unprocessed wooden slats simply build itself

Flowerpot wood garden of privacy thecke stool plastic transparent garden wooden floor

Flowerpot wood garden terrace. geranium flowers plants wooden slats wooden floor

Flowerpot wood garden wooden crate planter earth earth

Flowerpot wood green plans outdoor garden arrange raised beds

Flowerpot wood large flowers plants description lawn outdoor sizes

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Flowerpot wood of planter raised bed bench one outdoor construction virtually

Flowerpot wood plant lawn garden flowers wooden slats build yourself

Flowerpot wood reddish backstenwand cypress roof terrace wooden floor

Flowerpot wood residues outdoor planter raised bed industrial design

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Flowerpot wood spice garden of hexagonal paving outdoor creative idea

Flowerpot wood spice garden thyme naseebullah Mint outdoor garden

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make Flowerpot wood old wooden slats exfoliated color jute string outdoor himself

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planter large gravel wood wooden slats of wood residues potting soil

planter large tree trunk wood traces rough edit authentic course

planter wooden garden lawn raised bed planting tomato plants table

roll Flowerpot wood wooden slats slide plants garden otdoor poured

wooden Flowerpot wood slats small garden salad germination and cultivation stamp

wooden planter boxes-lawn garden outdoor iron chair