Large tree house in your own garden – tips and hints for planning and construction

Your own tree house in the garden is a childhood dream for many people. The small tree houses to play for the children can build skilled hobby craftsmen themselves. But large treehouses are something else entirely. People can actually live in such tree houses, most are used only as a vacation home or a retreat in your own backyard. But what is required to build a large tree house? How can such a project be realized?

Large tree house build yourself Tips Notes

Large tree houses can be worn by a tree. It works on the gigantic tree giant in the Amazon or in Canada, in the most private gardens such large, stable trees are but not found. They range from merely for carrying a child’s play House. This is however no exclusion criteria for your own tree house in the garden. Because the tree can not bear alone the House, usually, a supporting structure is built large houses, which stabilized the House and.┬áThe growth of the trees for a nice tree house is more important than the height of the tree should exhibit a full-grown tree crown, which surrounds the House with ample foliage. Before the construction, a professional who must check the load-bearing capacity and stability of the tree is charged.

Large tree house garden build yourself
The stability and size of the trees is essential for the planning of the tree house. For large houses, a structural engineer for advice must be consulted first. It is also advisable to plan a professional Treehouse architect’s tree house. The construction in airy heights professionals are needed for may also, specialized in the Assembly at extreme heights. (see Pigo extreme technology).

Large tree house itself build backyard project

For a little kids tree house you need no planning permission for a large house in the garden in most federal countries but may already have. Check first with your competent Building Authority, in some States, will need a building permit even for exclusively private use. The use of sustainable, environmentally-friendly wood is the most tree-house owners-important. Lightweight, weather-resistant and stable wood used for the construction of the House. The most popular wood species are Douglas fir and larch. Oak, which is but also correspondingly more expensive is durable and stable. Stainless steel profiles are typically used for the substructure.

Large tree house itself build family swing

The cost entirely depends on the size and equipment of the Bauhaus. A small tree house for children is possible from about 2000 euros. A bigger house where adults can stay in the summer can be constructed for about 5,000 euros. Larger projects are correspondingly more expensive, especially if the House will be also glazed and insulated so that it can be used as Guest House, holiday home or even House all year round. Such homes cost about at least 35,000 euros, towards the top, no limits are of course.

Large tree house itself build garden project

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Large tree house itself build ideas retreat