Lathe Chairs-the collection of chairs truly unusual design

It is within the framework of his diploma project in the Dutch Academy Eindhoven Sebastian Brajkovic began experimenting with the “lathe” function of 3D software implementation. After graduation, the designer develops a collection of chairs design inspired by the 3D function and the result somewhat surprising! Treat the collection as unique would be an understatement but “Lathe Chairs” is a work of art , an exploration of the potential of the design world.

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These designer chairs share a common folder decorated with motifs drawn The designer chairs give the impression of having been stretched like a cheese fondue, each chair is decorated with an embroidered pattern on the cushions, often floral pattern that stretches along the back with elegance and originality. Some chairs have even been stripped of their original function as in the example below. A true masterpiece!

beautiful chair print motifs bench original inspiration based software lathe 3D chair aesthetic but unusable fascinate

chair atypical patterns long du folder

chair bench style retro motifs

chair bronze patterns floral burr dores violettes.png

chair folder backlit color suspended blanche.JPG

chair intressante extravagant folder pench

chairs design share folder seats mimic motif tiss

chairs design two in one share folder commun

Collection chairs design outline in rembourrage

Lathe chair by Sebastian Brajkovic

Lathe chair designs rtirent long du folder