Lavender color – a tribute to the purity and the eternal summer

To understand the lavender color, we should first clarify the difference between purple and violet. These two shades are used often interchangeably, even though they are not actually the same. Yes, they both caused by the mixing of red and blue, but although in different proportions. You should remember – Purple is closer to blue than in red, while violet is closer to red to blue.

lavender color accent wall nursery

The lavender color occurs when mixing purple with white together. Nonetheless, there is not only a nuance lavender, but some. They vary from very light to completely dark, while the lighter rather feminine and the darker, more masculine look. Basically, lavender is a neutral color. It is used very often in baby and nursery wall color, whether it is a boy or a girl.

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If you want to achieve a colour relaxing and quiet atmosphere in the room, then you combine lavender with pastel colors or white. For a slightly warmer effect, combining with orange is recommended yellow or red. Normally lavender as the wall color is used. But all the walls in this color are deleted, it could be too monotonous. It would therefore be quite fitting if you decorate only one accent wall in Lavender. You can try also light grey combination instead of white.

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Although the lavender color pure and innocent looks, she is definitely not just for the children’s room of importance. Take it easy, you can use this shade also in the other rooms. Through the white and the gray Lavender stresses better and it is challenging and meaningful.If the lavender shade is powerful, she can be combined as well with white and grey. Consistent with a warm wooden texture, which ensures more comfort and a harmonious contrast.

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Just like purple, the color of lavender is a dignified and majestic affair. She is still elegant, when she is paired with the right fabrics and surfaces. The lavender color is rather pretentious. For this reason it is used rarely in the living room. You can not combine with any color. But you can benefit from the unique properties of lavender, to make an unexpected and unique impression. With an accent rug, cushion or curtains in lavender, try it!

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