Learn how to decorate a kitchen like a pro

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. It is the space in which food is prepared and where we spent a lot of time. Therefore, learn how to decorate a kitchen is essential if we want to create a comfortable environment in which one feel at ease and enjoy cooking in which alone or in company.

kitchen design ideas

Types kitchens decoration
If you want to learn how to decorate a kitchen, you should know that the first thing to keep in mind when we have to create a pleasant environment without overwhelming the space and at the same time is comfortable and functional. According to our tastes or style of decor of the rest of the house can opt for different trends: the rustic, the minimalist or vintage. In addition to these styles we apply the laws of Feng Shui to harmonize the energy of the environment.

Decorating a country style kitchen

For a rustic kitchen we recommend that kitchen furniture made ​​of wood, but you can also choose them colors, wood gives the kitchen a touch of tradition that can be combined with decorative tiles with floral motifs or rustic. As rustic decorative elements for a kitchen we suggest you lay a small space of herbs using brass pots. You can also decorate the kitchen with ceramic plates.

Decorating a minimalist style kitchen

minimalist style kitchen

The furniture minimalist kitchens are often monochromatic, straight lines and are used for appliances. The most common decorative elements decorating a minimalist kitchen design are lamps and accessories simple lines.

Decorating a vintage style kitchen

vintage style kitchen

The vintage kitchen furniture stand to use the 50s, 60s and 70s. They are usually very colorful kitchens where decorative elements are introduced as cans or rococo lamps and tableware colors and designer appliances .

Kitchen Feng Shui

Kitchen Feng Shui

For feng shui the kitchen is a living space, it also represents abundance and wealth, so it is important to consider how to decorate a kitchen. When placing the counter in the kitchen we must bear in mind that when we cook we must never give back to the front door. The feng shui recommends using islands in the kitchen, as this benefits the chi to flow freely around the room and provide good food and healthy energy.