Light Up Your Home With Lights Hidden Behind The Ceiling

This system gives a lot of play in the decoration, with it you can draw attention to certain places or objects, creating different environments

Place pockets hidden behind the false ceiling is a very interesting light . Furthermore, we will provide a discrete light source and easy to install.

Important first step: start cutting the power switch. We will use halogen lamps: mostly operate at low voltage, 12 volts instead of 220, so they need a current transformer.

LAMP connection

Hole completion
Connection will use the lamp current to reach the connecting cables and make sure that the cables match the security requirements of the installation that we will perform. This varies the foci and potency.

To place focus, perforate the ceiling with a drill equipped with a drill bit, varying the diameter of the socket body function.

If the hole is distant from the point of connection; drive cables with a guide, while the exit hole to introduce the hand to the wire.

hidden sources

Connection and installation
We will join the guide wire and so we will get to the hole in which the focus will be located.

The connection is simple: you need to connect the transformer then the rainfly disimularemos.In this regard, it is recommended to connect the ground whenever possible.

Placing the focus is also very simple.Simply adjust the hole to the body of the lamp that will subsequently fix a system or trim tabs, depending on the model in question.

Place one or more foci
If we have to place more of a focus or transformer, we will make all connections in parallel.

We cascade connections of a transformer to another, or the two wires leading to lamp.

If we put a transformer to several sources, will have to supply enough power to power the sum of that of all bulbs.