Lighten your wardrobe using curtains

The other day I talked about how to lighten up the ladder for greater visual range in a duplex. Today we will continue with the same theme, we will give you an idea to expand the bedrooms visually, getting them appear more clear and therefore are much more comfortable or at least less stressful.

wardrobe with curtains

The idea is pretty simple, is to replace the cabinet doors with curtains, something we’ve seen on occasion but for other parts of our house, specifically to separate areas or multiple rooms, but in this case will serve to close a cabinet.

Thus the front of the cabinet will be much less robust, less hard, and impact less space will be much lighter and also dynamic and much warmer.

On the other hand also allows us to go a step further when it comes to decorating, choosing the curtain s allows us a greater variety of models and above all, cheaper, to choose cabinet doors, on the other hand we can also easily change them taking advantage of them to give, for instance an air of summer or winter, our house easily, in short, we can change the entire decor of our bedroom with only a change textile.

Moreover, leaving aside the curtains, the truth is that change our closets doors can be a very effective way to visually lighten the bedroom.

If, for example, instead of replacing the doors curtains get them off entirely too lightly, although messier bedroom unable to remove from the view inside, and often especially when it comes to teenagers inside a cabinet to the view may not be anything pleasant.

Another option may be to replace the wooden doors, the gates of the mirrors. Thus, we achieve greater brightness, and thanks to the reflection amplitude. Sure we lose some of our privacy and very small rooms is not convenient to use because they pose too much coldness.

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wardrobe using curtains