Lighting in the baby room

One of the most important aspects in children’s bedrooms is lighting. As you know, during the first months of life, we must ensure that your room will be a harmonious and pleasant, so you can receive positive stimuli, which is not only achieved with the decor, but illuminating the room properly.


The ideal is to take advantage of all the natural light that comes into the room through windows or doors, but as it is normal that is not sufficient, it is necessary to use artificial lighting. We give you clues about lighting for your baby’s room below.

As I just mentioned, ideally in a child’s bedroom, as in the other rooms, is receiving plenty of natural light, without worrying that there is an excess of it, since you can always reduced with net curtains, curtains, blinds or blinds. What should concern us most is the artificial lighting, using different types of lighting: general, illuminating the entire room, and point lights to achieve a more direct lighting.

Artificial Light
For general lighting, ideally centered place a lamp on the ceiling to provide clarity around the bedroom. Instead, for spot lighting can choose floor lamps, you must change when the child begins to crawl, because it could be dangerous, and wall lamps, although they have the advantage that they are not available to the child, they can not move to direct the light in the direction that suits us.

Also useful are table lamps, you can change places depending on the needs of the moment.

Undesirable Lights
In the rooms of babies is advisable not to use fluorescent lights and recessed halogen because they generate too much artificial light, without creating that warm weather so necessary for children.