Living in Bohemian style: A little house in California Desert

How can one create at home a relaxing environment, so Which somewhat more dynamic effect? Living in Bohemian style is Characterized by synthesis features. Creativity, enthusiasm, and a few colorful home accessories are required. In California, did is a perfect example of how to combine the ethnic and bohemian style, we can show you a little desert house.

Bohemian style coffee table succulent live tree trunk

The House is less than 50 square meters in size. It is close to the nature reserve of California and is surrounded by trees only, Which makes it the perfect place to relax. Designers have DECIDED the Bohemian style with a touch of ethnic color would be perfect for the decoration of the House.

Bohemian living style outside clay pots look white triangles decorated

Bohemian-style loves bright colors. But They can be too dominant in a small space. THEREFORE, whitewall color and gray flooring Which used as the basis for the colorful home accessories.¬†One of the obvious features of the Bohemian look is its diversity. In seeking a room, it’s never boring. There objects out of wood, metal, plastic, glass, velvet, silk and canvas at the sametime exist. His charm lies in opposites ,:: such as color and textures. In this House, a lot of natural woven carpets are to see baskets, paintings and tapestries.

Bohemian style bathtub orange live outdoor area

So There are enough figures and small ornaments. Here, designers have taken up the ethnic style. There is no indication of a specific nationality, but only traces of Mexican and Indian cultures. Together, They form a dynamic and at the sametime relaxed atmosphere. Diamond-shaped patterns add to the momentum.

Bohemian style live indoors bathtub folding Gardenseaters

The designer Kathrin and Brian felt always this yearning to create something. Previously, she has Pursued a career as an actress. He wanted to write music. Life has moved but in different creative directions. Today kathrin is founder and Creative Director of Gypsan, a boho chic fashion for women, and Brian is an active full-time interior designer. Find more for them and Their projects on their website.

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Live bohemian california style small desert House

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