Living room inspiration for a nature-conscious facility

While we are planning our interior design, we think increasingly to nature. We consider the materials used in the context of sustainability. The materials that are natural, are better for our health. This is another reason why we should decide otherwise for them and not for something.

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Wood is always, when there is talk of living room inspiration. He is not a toxic material. Wood comes directly from nature. It brings them closer to us. Wood is used in the furniture and decoration. Made of wood, you could build but also a complete House.

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No pollutants are used in the production of ceramic tiles. The material is safe for our health and for the environment. Ceramic is still very convenient to do so. It permits many different colors and patterns. Carpets and mats made of natural materials also represent a healthy choice. You knit is still in the same manner as centuries ago. The industrialization of changed it little. For this reason, the production leads to any pollution.

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Linoleum is made on the basis of linseed oil. It has antibacterial properties. It negatively impacted the environment no. Linoleum is easy to care for. His cleaning, you’re wasting so much water and energy. Many wallpaper are made from natural fibers. You look outwardly not different than the usual. Such natural fiber wallpaper are made from various plants: bamboo, rice, sisal, cotton, jute, rattan, arrowroot, Reed grass.

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Certain type of wallpapers are produced from glass fibers. You are healthy for people and nature. Anywhere in Europe they are used in establishing medical spaces. Wallpapers of glass fibres are easy to clean. Cork is used as a stand-alone material for a relatively short time. But it is gaining popularity very quickly. To win, one must fall no trees. Manufacturers need only the bark. Cork is an eco-friendly insulation material. It brings great comfort with himself.

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