Living room interior design ideas – browns are modern

Trends come and go. “Radiant Orchid” was declared as the color of 2014. But who can afford to redesign his living room every time after the last color trends? Nevertheless, Brown is considered a timeless classic when it comes to decorating. The rich brown tones of chocolate brown, cocoa to dark, bittersweet truffles. Check out our 26 modern living room furniture ideas , especialy successfully bring the warmth of the brown color to advantage.

living room bedroom furniture cream chocolate brown accent wall

If you are a welcoming and cozy atmosphere will create in the living room, without sacrificing modern elegance, then you paint the walls brown. This is an excellent opportunity to take the colors of nature in your decor. Choose furniture and flooring from a light wood such as oak, pine or maple, so that the room does not affect bleak. Another possibility would be to combine the brown walls with white furniture. In this way, the furniture pieces stand out properly. The color combinations Brown-Turquoise Brown-cream and brown Orange are totally hip. Brown can also be beautifully paired with gray, because both act cool and neutral, which is very popular especially in modern designs.

living room furnishings ideas brown cream white wall tv indirect lighting

Thus the brown living room looks not too dark, decorate it with bright living accessories. Cream and taupe are two pleasant hues that harmonize with both the brown walls and brightness will add to the room. Bring bold colors into the game by choosing colorful sofa cushions, rugs, and other decorative items. Yellow, green, red and orange are perfect for this. Fulfill the room with green houseplants to set bright color accents and emphasize the natural flair.

eclectic living room walls white brown make red sofa

living facility brown brass accents Wanddeko cochtisch velvet sofa respect

living facility brown gray cream rustic accessories

living facility brown white kaminofen built-in shelves

living room furnishings ideas beige walls stone fireplace coverings dark wooden floor coffered ceiling

living room furnishings ideas brown wall color cream moebel white accessories

living room furnishings ideas brown white cream abgehaendgte ceiling living wall

living room ideas brown accent wall furnishings cream corner sofa wood shelves

living room ideas brown creme living kitchen dining area device

living room ideas brown sofa device chocolate color walls

living room ideas brown university shelves corner sofa integrated wood

luxurious living room furnishings moebel brown wall color tuerkisgruenes sofa accent

modern home wall brown wood tv wall mounted

modern living room brown leather sofa low wood coffee table

modern living room brown wood floor fireplace white sofa glass wall shelves

modern living room cozy brown wall sitting area

modern living room furnishings ideas brown cream holzmoebel wall shelves African

modern living room ideas brown device under illumination effects sofa coffee table

modern living room red brown beige combination moebel deco

modern living room taupe brown combination natural stone wall kaminofen

modern living room wooden floor gray brown sofa coffee table

small living room furnishings chocolate brown wall color white moebel light blue accents

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wall color living room with dining area wood floor darker cream