Living room & new apartment colors ideas

There’s color ideas for your living room, all walls are white here but furniture, carpet and other colors so important for decoration.

Dark Red Green and Blue colors for apartments

TONE ON TONE. Apart from the style that you ‘want to give to the environment, we know the Color That will be responsible for the overall Establishing “mood”. For This teenager bedroom, study four elements the opt for an intense tone beet, Which Takes the view of the roofs and the backing of bed in white capitone ecocuero. “The secret of combining colors is in the presence of each,” Said Susana Piazza Designer. While desktop Purchased in auction gave it a patina in light green, I have stained curtains of gauze in two colors. To the foot of the bed, a blanket of pure turquoise cotton, in tune with the Chair.

Orange White Pink color for living room

SERENITY WITH STYLE. Because colored exerts effects on Important feelings – as the bedroom Tends to be the place Where you want to be more relaxed, a good thought is to think in a palette Suggests That serenity, but incapable of style. In This case, flies Deco team chose the ‘Marsh Green’ of bunting, to tone That is perfect to bring calm in a room well lit, Supplemented With details like the old mirror (Which acts as a back-up from the bed and Reflects the fluffy cushions) and a table of light made in cast iron.

VIOLET MYSTERY. If a much darker than the ceiling color is used on the walls, will seem higher, as OCCURS In This Melina Ramos Mintz and Florence Melamed Capital project for design and objects, in Which violet surprise and create some mystery. Supported by wall to wall bed is upholstered in leather in the same color lacquer basis mink ($ 7.500 for a mattress of 2x2m) bed and the mattress of the Bank. Blanket of calls ($ 540) With cushions well complemented tone (from $ 180). On the light table (below), screen opaline lamp (light factory), acrylic vase of ‘bun’ ($ 98) and piggy bank ‘Mouse’ ceramic .

GREEN OVERNIGHT. This room decorated by Agustina Dodero for the latest edition of style pillar is a sample of how small spaces Also benefit can be seen by the choice of a dark tone, Strategically Supplemented With the upholstery in beige linen That Provides light and Gives volume to a small double bed. For the back of the bed, was a plate of OSB That Manages to stretch the height of the wall and Allows you to include a picture, in a case of work of Gervasio Ferreira.

Red Green Blue colors for the living room

EFFECT JOY. Attachments Contain the color, in this room designed by the architect Jasmine Zang for a girl of 11 years, Where stands the bed, Which can be used Also armchair as (Arq. Zang, $ 8.000 approx.). On it was a purple blanket Placed ($ 550, Argentine elements) and a series of cushions type pill genres of Levie With facts. On the floor, a blanket hand made felt With multicolored fringes ($ 450, Vaskoketa). Watchman lighting Aguero and, in the foreground, a chair ‘Mademoiselle’ (Manifesto) …