Living room with tv above fireplace

You have to find the right style to furnish a good room with a fireplace. Normally the fireplace occupies a space in the living area, there are those who have it in the kitchen, some in the living room. In other cases it is possible to have this wonderful source of heat even in the bedroom. There are those classic , pretty wood-burning ones, and more modern ones, from contemporary designs such as those of the collection Piazzetta Panoramic . Each room has its own style, every fire needs a different decor. Let’s find out how to do, then, to furnish a room with a fireplace.


We have already pointed out that the fireplace is not exclusive to the living area, therefore we must first keep in mind if you’re looking for furniture for the living room or the bedroom. In the first case there are lots of ways to decorate the room. Everything depends on the type of home and the impression that was given. If a house is rustic , you can decorate your room with fireplace in a rustic way, playing with the essential elements that are wood and stone. The colors will possibly be warm, beige, brown and red are the most suitable. Just because the fireplace will be the center of your room, then you have to arrange the chairs around it, thinking, in fact, that the family will gather around it to tell their experiences. If you have a home modern , equipped with all modern comforts, then you should first of all a fireplace with a contemporary design and then play on a clean and sober style, made ​​of lines and lacquered furniture, even white or black. A few ornaments and leather armchairs and everything will be perfectly in order and chic.
Then there is the possibility that the chimney is not at the center of the room and in this case should be exalted its presence. How? Just a few pictures around it, maybe place, if the wall is flat, a television screen above it thin, soft and comfortable seating position near the hearth. About fire, remember to put next to the fireplace all the tools wrought iron that you need to douse the flames and always use a protective screen in iron, maybe design. The last option left is to have a fireplace in the bedroom. Apart from being a dream come true for fans of the genre, a fireplace in the bedroom is ideal for those who want to always have a warm and atmospheric even in the bedroom. In this case we have a very large bedroom and it is preferable not to include a lot of furniture and knick-knacks, so that over the bed, the true center of the room has its own fireplace.




Living room with tv above fireplace

Living room with tv on fireplace

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TV-over-fireplace in living room