Loft bed itself build IKEA furniture – designs of beds with storage space

In setting up small rooms and apartments, you always try to maximize the smallspace. Tosmall spacesing set up a bedroom, you can assemble the bed and the dresser and from it to build a loft bed itself. Here we present some IKEA hacks for furniture, did you can make a bed with storage space itself and ran ran thus make the most of the small square.

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Each bedroom needs at least a bed, a chest of drawers or wardrobe and may quietly work desk with chair. The space available is not enough, then you can use some space-saving tricks, to get him. The bed is a good idea for furnishing a smaller space:: such as the children’s room with storage space. Anyone looking for a low-cost alternative, can save at the sametime chests of drawers and mattress money and space with a loft bed from IKEA.

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The principle for this IKEA hack is quite simple. If you want to build a loft bed itself, you need first a usual IKEA chest of drawers, as for example in the MALM series. A comfortable mattress and a bed frame or a slatted frame are be be necessary. On request, you can embed as additional bed rail and headboard for protection.

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With shelves and drawers underneath the bed Combines the functions of storage space and bedroom furniture. These bunk beds are not only perfect for a nursery, so but for one-room apartments and dorm room. Chests of drawers from the MALM series of IKEA have handle-less drawers and fit perfect for bedrooms with adjusted design.

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If you want to build the raised bed itself, even kitchen cabinets as a base to Provide. They open outwards, have enough storage space for clothes, books, school supplies, and many others. Just keep in mindthat you need something deeper kitchen cabinets so did the upper part is wide enough for a bed.

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The kitchen cabinets can be in any color paint Themselves, to stand with the rest of the institution and of the wall color in line. It’s a children’s room, you can replace even the boring handles of the cabinets with small toys: such as dinosaur. So, you create a creative design for the children’s room.

A combination of usefulness and modern style is Achieved with an elegant bed with storage space. The most IKEA furniture are Characterized by adjusted designs and create a modern but inexpensive home furnishings.

Want to build yourself a bunk bed in the nursery, then shoulderstand get a step stool for children to do that. So even small children can evening himself in the bed and back out in the morning. The COTS would THEREFORE be Necessary to Ensure child at bedtime.


For higher commodes as bunk bed step stool is, not Sufficient however. In this case, you can buy a ladder or build your own, and integrate them into the bed. This is a game THEREFORE option for the little ones, Because They Usually like to like climbing games.

The nursery for infants Should not be too large, but be sure to have a corner. The bunk bed is a good idea for the furnishing smaller room with storage space in the nursery Because it leaves enough room to play and even your own game offers.

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Would you build yourself a bunk bed in the dorm room or guest room, Then you should choose the best place to do this, so did it takes up as little space as possible in the room. Bunk beds provided with storage space Usually in the corner of the room or in a niche, to leave the rest of the area.

This bunk bed is perfect for small spaces, Because it is built and designed for two persons at the sametime on a chest of drawers and cupboards. No matter Whether for a stylish nursery or modern student room, bed with storage from IKEA furniture Creates order in every room.

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Want to build myself a simple loft bed furniture from IKEA, then you probably do not need the help of a craftsman. A bunk bed with more complicated construction, HOWEVER, is then it would be recommended to adjust the craftsmen to work. So, you can Ensure the security of the high bed and worry-free use.

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As already Mentioned, you can build a loft bed itself chests of drawers from IKEA but ran thus from kitchen cabinets and shelves. Here, two examples represent how as is possible. Bed with storage from IKEA Kitchen cabinets is built with an open area for a night table and a staircase. The cabinets open outwards, and offer storage space for many different items. On the other hand a loft bed from IKEA can THEREFORE serve as a bookcase and storage shelves. In the free shelves can be storage baskets from IKEA, Which play the role of drawers.

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The IKEA Nordli chest of drawers is perfectly suited as a bed frame if you want to build a loft bed itself. The elegant design of the furniture fits any interior and can be decorated any. You can juxtapose two chests of drawers in order to extend the bed with storage space. On a bed frame at least on the outerside is required to hold the mattress in the place.

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From old IKEA Expedit you can build yourself a practical bunk bed shelves and a simple slatted frame, Which features plenty of storage space. This furnishing idea is meant in Particular for dorm room Because The design is space-saving and offers enough space for all textbooks. So the bed frame off shelves can be request any paint, spice it up and ran ran thus quite Individually.

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