Luxurious kitchen design for a fraction of the price

Would you not like to have, if your kitchen felt as if they had a luxurious kitchen design have? The reality – you can do this for just a fraction of the price. A luxurious kitchen design can help you reach these tips.
Luxury Kitchen Designs – coatings of granite

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Replace the granite countertops with coatings of granite Several companies make a “shell” polymer / granite that fits directly on your current countertop. The result? A countertop for half of the price of the granite, which looks as if you have spent thousands.

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Instead of marble tile flooring, use ceramic tile. Several varieties of artificial brick imitate marble and can save you money.
Luxury kitchen designs – laminate top wood species

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Replace hardwood flooring with laminate top types of wood. hardwood is expensive and has high maintenance costs. Luxury laminate flooring looks like real hardwood and come in hundreds of varieties. It can also be wet and not scratched like parquet.]

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Replace granite sinks with “deep bowl.” – under mounted stainless steel sinks sinks can be expensive, especially if you use granite or other solid materials for the surface. Use a deeper basin, double basin or a three-piece stainless steel bowl. This will keep the desired smoothness without the high price.

Kitchen Lights LED‎

Instead of custom faucets and inventory items, use ready-made varieties . Many kitchens with luxurious kitchen design equipped with first-class customer-specific inventory items. These days, hardware stores offer the same great looks, but of widespread manufacturers. Delta, Moen, American Standard are just a few that will save you money without anyone knows.

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When renovating a kitchen, you coat wood cabinets new, rather than get new ones. This process means to retain the original cabinet, but the old to cover with laminate. Cabinet and drawer fronts are brand new. With the added new hardware for door handle is the final look of luxury cabinets that do not hurt your wallet.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Instead of expensive, more smoothly cabinets made ​​of metal, use DIY cabinet manufacturer. Rather than spend thousands for schmeidige, modern cabinets, visit a store like IKEA. You have dozens of options for cabinets that you can put together yourself. If you need help, they have assistance that you can buy separately.

Modern Kitchen Lighting

Replace stainless steel appliances for devices with coating of stainless steel. equipment manufacturers now offer devices with coating of stainless steel. These devices do not give the fingerprints that give stainless steel appliances and the kitchen design is still modern and luxurious .
Luxury Kitchen Designs – Lighting

Round Kitchen Island Design

Instead of crystals and expensive lighting installations, select ready-made devices. pendant chandeliers, downlight, lighting fixtures for under the counter can be expensive. Use varieties that are made ​​in your beloved lighting or home improvement store already for use.
Luxury Kitchen Designs – glass and tile

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Instead of granite and mosaic tiled backsplash, consider glass and tiles to use. Mosaic tile and granite can be expensive and labor intensive to install. With the variety of tiles the options are limitless. You will receive a first class tiling pattern without the usual costs of their luxurious kitchen ndesign fits well!

Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

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