Luxurious Of Dark Wood And Emperor Marble

With the New Year was inaugurated, Rapolano Terme (Siena), the new marble gallery Vahidi . Marble Gallery is located in the corporate headquarters of Vahidi and is part of the project will be next spring, and the opening to the public of extensive renovations, new showroom Vahidi home . The intervention is made ​​to live in addition to better organize the exhibition areas, new areas, experience and customize stone. The Marble Gallery is a space, a business in which are collected and more than 70 samples of marble, granite .

Luxurious Of Dark Wood And Emperor Marble

Natural stones from different backgrounds and finish, is dedicated to the knowledge of the different types of stone, their history, indications for production processes and best suited for the processing of all materials to recover. Research, innovation and tailor-made approach for Vahidi represent important points of reference for the activities of the company, under the leadership of three brothers, Cinzia, Danilo and David who comment so the opening:

“Say, the stone is part of our work is also a way for us to preserve and promote the history and entrepreneurial activity. We want to help here, an inseparable connection between the ancient culture of marble, historical memory and the knowledge that there were craftsmen handed down in the years to create. For this reason, we believe that this new space, consisting of Marble Gallery and the new laboratory space Vahidi Home, scheduled to open soon, the people in the industry, the discovery of a new design delight you with possible interactions of matter ” .

Marble Repairs

The marble gallery Vahidi, designed in conjunction with designers Emanuel Gargano and Marco Oco beans Studio , a place of experience, is the perfect place to decide together with the customer the use of materials, the perfect place to host and take on architecture and to organize in-depth workshops. An open laboratory, dedicated to the research and innovation that have always distinguished the company activity of Rapolano. Right from the opening, and wish the entire project comparison Vahidi House and Marble Gallery, with the aim of responses to increasingly diverse needs of architects, designers and private clients, as well as in architecture and interior design, new rooms, design and support.

Marble Mosaics Tiles

Open all year, the marble, which the gallery for architects, designers and lovers of natural stone formations, unique in its kind, offering over the world of stone, with the possibility to visit on reservation, the surrounding travertine quarries of Rapolano.