Magic Tree House to live on the outskirts of the city in America

On the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States have you to stay the way in the forest. In recent years, several such alternative to the average hotel rooms, where nature lovers can spend one or more nights in a magical fully furnished tree house residential emerged in America.

Treehouse life live nature park home housing outskirts trees

Between the trees to sleep in the Magic Tree House to live is a unique experience to spend the night outdoors, in the open air and most city residents don’t know it at all. It is very popular among Americans from the hustle and bustle of the city to flee, no matter whether it’s just for a weekend and a completely secluded place, into a world of nature to delve into. The chirping of the birds, clean air, the dense forest are a magical reality.

Treehouse live bedrooms simple suspension bridge lights chain of romantic nature trees forest

You can rent equipped this tree house to live, exactly how to book a hotel room. It consists of three rooms – 2 bedrooms and a living room. The home textiles and linens are particularly made of natural organic materials and antique furniture to teach only to the unique atmosphere. Electricity is available and romantic lights provide lighting in the evening. Magical rope bridges lead to the rooms and the lattice Windows date from the 1930s. You would surely produce furnishings and location to another world!

Treehouse led bedrooms plants bedded Lake Bridge lights tree forest

Treehouse live bedrooms Garland trees bushes wood forest

Treehouse live plants simple suspension bridge lights chain bedrooms forest nature trees

Treehouse live plants simple suspension bridge lights chain nature simple suspension bridge

Treehouse living armchair wooden floor lights guitar commode candlestick

Treehouse living light chain corridor chair romantic magic forest trees

Treehouse living light chain simple suspension bridge forest trees big old romantic

Treehouse living living room as furniture window wood trees

Treehouse living lounge dresser sideboard antique old carpet ratan furniture lights

Treehouse living plant nature wood window old wood