Magnificent bonsai types

Bonsai are developed within the framework of a long period of time and provide a high level of recognition and fascination. You animate both indoor as well as outdoor. The bonsai species can be considered in several categories. In this section, we look instead at the mini version of the over several centuries old tree figures.

Azalea bonsai

Below to see different variations of the small trees, these are in contrast to the Großwüchsigen, this can be up to one hundred meters under normal circumstances, reach the Dwarfs just a few inches up to one meter height. Shapes in Japan where the charming art comes from the tradition that the little creatures are further inherited from generation to generation and thus achieved a bonsai usually over several millennia. Let yourselves be charmed by the small but beautiful tricks and have fun at the browse!

Autumn colors in Bonsai

beautiful bonsai types

Bloom bonsai

Blooming Camellia Bonsai

Bonsai as an umbrella shape

Bonsai as conifers

Bonsai as Evergreen

Bonsai composition

Bonsai forest as figure

Bonsai forest on slope

Bonsai form

Bonsai group

Bonsai groups

Bonsai high strain

Bonsai in autumn colors

Bonsai in bloom

Bonsai in the outer space

Bonsai in winter

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai without leaves

Branch of a bonsai

Composition of bonsai


Floor bonsai as conifers

Floors hanging form

Flowering Bonsai form

Flowering bonsai

Forest composition of Bonsai

Forms of bonsai

Ivy as bonsai

Journal of jewelry at Bonsai

Large Flowering Bonsai

Magnificent bonsai types

magnificent bonsai

maple bonsai ideas

Mirror shape of a bonsai

Parent forms of bonsai

Red Achorn as bonsai

Blütenbonsai Satsuki-Azalee

Rotlaub bonsai

Special ancestral form at Bonsai

Special Bonsai composition

Special weeping form

Weeping form of a bonsai

Winter in the form of bonsai

Yellow foliage at Bonsai