Main facades and side of the House

Rectangular volumes plated with metal corrugated materials as stone panels form a harmonious whole that is integrated into the natural environment.

Cottage facade profile

The outdoor dining area with BBQ has an interesting proposal in the design of the roof, has been combined steel frames with organic as the cane or bamboo materials, Alternatively you can review: country house made with local materials to expand this concept of design.

Design of a rustic house floor

Level distinguishes clearly two areas, on the right the social area formed by the room being designed in a spacious environment with beautiful kitchen, and dining room  Visual outwards; on the left we can see the private area with three bedrooms, the main has en-suite, two secondary bedrooms (10 and 11) share a bathroom located on the catwalk.

Design dining room cottage

The interior has been furnished with simple wooden furniture in natural tone, we see a wall clad in stone on the side of the kitchen that has the same color tones as the rocks which form the natural landscape where the building is located.

Facade of house with corrugated panels

The social area conveniently oriented northward (House located in Cordoba – Argentina is in the southern hemisphere) has an excellent natural lighting and allows the best visuals to the outside through large windows partition with access to the terrace

Be simple design room

Design cottage dining

Design kitchen with island

Flat cottage with three bedrooms

Modern cottage facade

Modern country house

Outlook Lodge

Pericles corrugated facade