Make lamp screen for floor lamp – ideas for copying

Do you have an old standard lamp or a lampshade which do not fit anymore to the modern equipment style or want you to do which is tuned perfectly to the pieces of furniture and colors in the space? We present simple ideas how you can do a beautiful lampshade for a standard lamp.
If you dispose of an old lampshade, it is completely simply of giving him a stylish update. Simply with creativity and imagination style. Take only the lampshade relation, so that the lampshade rings and the fixture only remain for the light bulb.
As a yard goods chains or cords present themselves plentifully which you can wrap in talent a little beautifully around the lampshade. Decorate with pearls and Rocailles and put on the stand of the original lamp.
A modern standard lamp can be able a whole one cost and one with the plain design you can completely simply create yourselves. In Tinkering shops or in a piece of furniture houses are to be thought even of a set which facilitates the work enormously. Fundamentally the following materials are demanded a DIY Lampshade:

1 x lampshade metal ring 1 x lampshade metal ring with fixture for a light bulb 1 x bulb socket
Cables – length individually eligible for election 1 x lamp stand or perhaps do (3-legs stand manual – completely below)
Hot adhesive

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