Make table decorations yourself – 3 ideas for spring

The spring is already upon us and while you wait for Easter and the sunny days of spring, you can consider these two centerpiece craft ideas. Marshmallow Easter bunnies are not only a tasty treat, but suitable also as decoration. You can make a fun table decorations yourself. Added more color to a simple glass vase and and the work make it easier creative appearance, kitchen paper roll.

Roses tischdeko himself salmon color make lime decorate citrus

Take a package of Marshmallow Easter bunnies and a bit colourful small marshmallow and produce this Easter decor very quickly and easily.

You need:

1. a large pickle jar
2. Loop
3. kitchen paper roll
4. Marshmallow Easter bunnies
5. small colorful Marshmallow
6 artificial flowers
7 scissors
8 wooden sticks

points tischdeko do-it-yourself artificial flowers orange bow spring wedding white

Step 1:

Make the kitchen paper roll into the pickle jar and cut it up to the edge of the Gurkenglases. Take away the role and fill the pickle jar with a series of Marshmallow Easter bunnies.

make himself tischdeko white plastic bags kitchen paper roll gold beige sequined fabric

Step 2:

Take the sticks and use them to position the rabbit, so that there is enough space for the kitchen paper roll.

make tischdeko itself sequin fabric gold bow beige white vase artificial flowers kitchen paper roll

Step 3:

Insert the kitchen paper roll again and fill the pickle jar with the small colorful Marshmallow.

tischdeko do it yourself cucumbers glass kitchen roll paper scissors purple marsh mallow Easter Bunny

Step 4:

Provide the artificial flowers in the pickle jar, so enter the games in the kitchen paper roll. Tie a colorful loop to the pickle jar.

tischdeko do it yourself green coral tabular candles red vase

Here we a similar technique as in the table decorations with Marshmallow Easter bunnies used. This vase in beige and gold is a perfect decoration for a wedding party or a wedding reception.


You need:

1 vase
2. loop
3. kitchen paper roll
4. plastic bags
5. sequin fabric
6 artificial flowers
7 scissors
8 wooden sticks

Step 1:

Put the kitchen paper roll into the vase and cut you it should be so high they in the desired length – such as the vase.

tischdeko do-it-yourself of cucumbers glass colorful march mallow easter purple yellow eggs

Step 2:

Take a plastic bag with a matching size and wrap the kitchen paper roll. The idea is to give more volume of kitchen roll.

Step 3:

Wrap the kitchen roll in the sequin fabric as in the picture shown, then place it in the vase. Use the chopsticks, to position the sequin fabric so that the vase looks “full”.

Step 4:

Cut a hole in the sequined right through the hole in the roll of paper and insert the artificial flowers that enter the games in the kitchen paper roll. Tie a loop around the vase.

artificial flowers make tischdeko itself hochzeitdeko peony vase glass sequin fabric gold beige

You can use real flowers at the two table decorations. If you choose, insert a thin vase with cylindrical shape rather than the kitchen paper roll into the large vase. Don’t forget to pour some water, so that the flowers stay fresh longer in the small vase.

tischdeko do it yourself glass vase pink tablecloth roll of kitchen paper scissors

You can make a romantic table decorations yourself, by combining the colors of green and coral and use roses as flowers. This idea is quickly and easily done.

tischdeko do it yourself manual glass vase pink sequin fabric gold scissors beige tablecloth

Get ample lime, if you want to make the table decorations yourself and then cut them into thin slices. Furthermore, you need two glass containers, of which one must have a slightly smaller diameter than the other. You to can be made into one another.

tischdeko do it yourself purple yellow marsh mallow Easter Bunny of cucumbers glass kitchen paper roll

Between the two containers, the discs should fit in between. Filling now make this distance, as well as the smaller container to the table decorations yourself with water. Arrange the slices in the column as shown.

No matter what kind of flowers you’ve chosen, you can now put them into the smaller container. You have a new vase, which is also original. This idea make the table decorations themselves can be made also with other citrus fruit.

The result is a decoration which looks simply beautiful on any table. Have lots of fun if you make the table decorations yourself.

make tischdeko itself cut slices of citrus green original idea

tischdeko DIY vintage switch vase diy lime

tischdeko do it yourself simple manual water lime fruit deco

tischdeko do-it-yourself of colorful eggs artificial flowers white colorful yellow march mallow purple bunny

tischdeko do-it-yourself of colorful march mallows purple pink yellow hare cucumbers glass kitchen paper roll

tischdeko do-it-yourself of garnishment colorful march mallow purple hare kitchen paper roll

tischdeko do-it-yourself of purple-pink easter march mallow colorful cucumbers glass white yellow art flowers

tischdeko do-it-yourself purple marsh mallow Easter Bunny of cucumbers glass pink tablecloth rod

tischdeko itself beige dress gold sequined cloth-artificial flowers white bow brown dots