Making Kefir by yourself – all about the healthy milk drink & 2 recipes

Anyone who is looking for healthy food can not go wrong with Kefir. You may have heard of it before, but you do not know exactly what the milk drink is and what is special about it. In this article, we would like to inform you about the Sauermilch beverage by providing you with all the important information on the subject as well as explaining how you can easily make Kefir yourself. If you have not tasted milk kefir before, you will surely quickly become a fan of it and not only consume it because of its healthy properties.

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Kefir is a drink very similar in taste to buttermilk. It tastes sour, which is the result of the fermentation of the milk, which takes place with the help of the so-called Kefirpilze, special bacteria from the Caucasus. In contrast to buttermilk, the milk kefir also contains carbonic acid, which is another reason for its peculiarity. A small proportion of alcohol can also be present due to the fermentation process. While the milk drink has been made from mare’s milk in the past, mainly cow’s milk is used today.

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While the milk kefir is made exclusively of milk and kefir-fungi, water is used for the production of water kefir, as the name suggests. More specifically, a solution of water and sugar is used. Also included are the so-called Kefir crystals. Ultimately, the taste of the water kefir can be compared with that of Kombucha. One can also make this kind of kefir itself, as we shall show below. The most important for the particular taste and, of course, for the healthy properties are the already mentioned mushrooms. The special bacteria are combined with yeasts and are also necessary if you want to make Kefir yourself. The fungi, which are also known as Kefirknolle, can be bought and even used several times. It is best to visit a reform house. But what exactly do the bacteria actually do? They bring the milk to ferment. This, in turn, causes the milk sugar contained to be converted into lactic acid, and alcohol and carbonic acid are also produced.

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This particular milk has some positive properties. For example, the probiotics ensure that intestinal function is stimulated. And that’s just one thing the kefir is doing for health and well-being. These good bacteria are perfectly suited to balance the intestinal flora during and even after taking antibiotics and fight disease pathogens. At the same time, immunity is strengthened and new diseases are promoted. The fact that milk kefir is healthy is also proved by the many vitamins and minerals contained in the milk drink. These include vitamin A, D and B vitamins. In addition, the folic acid, which is particularly important for pregnant women, as well as protein. Bones, teeth, muscles, nerves and the thyroid are strengthened thanks to calcium, magnesium, iron and iodine and are important trace elements which should be taken regularly. All this is contained in a single foodstuff, the Kefirmilch. For this reason, it is not only recommended that you make Kefir yourself but also regularly incorporate into your diet.

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