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So many and so many decorative styles that I think it would be impossible to agglutinate all, and is always one that would appear there is trendy in this room and we had no knowledge. Moreover, in many countries or cities distinctive styles of many dwellings there arise and they manage to cross borders and become fashionable elsewhere.

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One of these is called Manhattan style , New Yorker born in the island and triumphs in households seeking new proposals in interior decoration and want a totally modern decor. A famous style with many films that look spectacular homes and which combine all the elements and structures to perfection. Notes Manhattan style features:

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– It is a style characterized by very clean and practical , with furniture straight lines with an unpolluted environment and uncluttered that will great for the entire home or any room in particular and that is clearly in the bedroom as in the living room or kitchen.

– Use on all furniture and items very current designs, with the wood of the materials that have greater prominence thanks to that shown in tables, dressers or comfortable, which makes the atmosphere that much more inviting.

– The furniture is usually long in length, but light in appearance and space, a perfect combination to cover all the needs of home but with a clean style that gives you feeling cramped.

– The walls should always be painted white as this will highlight them only what you put into them, plus much more will take advantage of natural light, which will give more life to the environment.

– One of the strengths of this collection are the accessories, especially the lamps , stars in places like tables, dressers or illuminate the pictures.

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