Marble countertop – ideas for better kitchens design

If you just renovate your apartment, then an endless variety of materials is certainly you offered. Have you chosen for the high-quality marble? This natural material is used mostly for floor and stair coverings, but because he is good to clean the marble as a countertop in the kitchen comes. The fascination of marble is in his shades – each piece is unique! Marble is beautiful to look at and gives a touch of elegance to the room.

black marble countertop 1

But who wants to choose the marble countertop, it should note that marble is a natural product. As a stone, he is prone to stains, discoloration and scratches. Therefore, you should use a neutral stone cleanser when maintaining containing no acidic ingredients. Check now some inspirations designs for kitchens with a marble countertop.

marble top and wood maritime

Black marble countertop

blue marble top

Blue marble worktop

Countertop marble blue carpet

Countertop marble blue

Countertop marble gray kitchen design

Countertop marble graywhite

Countertop marble pendulum chandelier

Countertop marble switch kitchen

Countertop marble white closet

Marble counter top and red stool

Marble counter top and wood

Marble counter top switch style

Marble counter top white

Marble countertop and candlestick

marble countertop ideas kitchen design

Marble countertop in the kitchen

Marble countertop kitchen in brown

marble countertop kitchen vintage switch

Marble gray modern countertop kitchen

marble kitchen countertop modern

Marble of countertop with barstools

marble top and Ode tiles

marble top and stools

marble top classic kitchen design

marble top classical

Marble top counter bar stool

marble top green apples

marble top large kitchen

marble top modern kitchen

marble top silver bob chandelier

marble top washbasins

marble worktop and kitchen design 600 x 530

marble worktop and kitchen design

marble worktop and kitchen lighting

marble worktop and original chandeliers

Marble worktop chandelier elegant

marble worktop cover design

Marble worktop for kitchen white

Marble worktop gray kitchen

Marble worktop gray rustic kitchen

marble worktop pretty

sink countertop marble

Wood green marble counter top

Worktop black marble green