Marimoniales bedroom decoration

The bedroom is the room where we spend more time, but should promote relaxation and calm. The bed is the dominant element in any bedroom, therefore, must be careful in its choice to obey aesthetic criteria, as well as ergonomic criteria, it must ensure the best rest. The colors are fundamental in creating the atmosphere of our bedroom, so the select using emotional and logical criteria.


The double bedrooms must unify the interests of the couple, therefore, their appearance can be neither very masculine nor very feminine, but there should be an intermediate approach that reflects the personality of both.

Features double bedrooms:
The bed is the protagonist of the bedrooms, so we must give the proper importance to choose it. You must provide us the needed rest, but also be adapted to the tastes of the couple.

There are a variety of beds from which we can choose the desired one. The selected model must harmonize with the decor of the bedroom, but in turn, harmonize with the decor of the rest of the house.

In decorating double bedrooms, we empleaer numerous resources to enlarge the space available, since the colors of the walls, which will be very pale or white, to give more light and create the feeling that the space is larger than it really is . We may also place mirrors strategic ways to multiply the space.

To customize the bedroom, we can put pictures and combine them with different decorative elements, including the carpet or bed covers.

The furniture layout also helps to expand the space. The use of multifunctional furniture reduces the number of objects needed in the bedroom, as these furniture can meet two or three functions at once, reducing the space used. The trunks are items that allow space, serving to store things inside, and serve as service desk or dressing seat.

Nestled at the foot of the bed, takes up little space and is functional. They are ideal for storing linens, books, or to support the breakfast tray. They come in all styles and finishes, so there will be difficult to harmonize with the decor. The space under the bed can be used to place sliding drawers, to store shoes or linens, books or other items that do not find their space. The measure furniture is a very important resource to gain space, to leverage every corner with the highest quality.