Marsala, color Pantone 2016

This year Pantone to thought in a reddish brown, a shade between red wine and terracotta which qualified as “robust” and “elegant”. His name is Marsala and its code in the Pantone charts is 18-1438.

Marsala wall

The Marsala in the interior decoration

Add color to any room, will give a touch of enriching and welcoming, mainly when used in decorative parts, accessories, and of course… the painting of the walls.

Marsala is also suitable for surfaces with texture, especially textiles. This is an option suitable for rugs, bedding, cushions and upholstered furniture: sofas or chairs.

2016 wall pantone color

The Pantone color of the year 2016 is also a color suitable for the kitchen and the dining room. You can include in the table, small appliances and patterned fabrics that are used in these environments.

Marsala entrance wall
Paint color Marsala 2016

This tonality can be combined easily with whites, grays, and natural soft tones, creating a very nice and attractive contrast. It can be used in all environments, but if you don’t have good lighting, more accurate so use it on a wall or small partition.

The Marsala-like shades can be found in other tastings of colorful paint. It should make clear that it is not the same color, but is very similar and can be used in the same way because of their similarity.

Marsala on carpet