Medicinal plants at home

Growing your own home remedies is fun, the kids love it, your friends will be impressed and you can tell you’re a herbalist! Who can resist? Remember to always consult your doctor before starting a new regimen (especially if you are on medication). Echinacea – Excellent for strengthening the immune system and a garden of beautiful flowers! Melisa – The leaves can be harvested throughout the summer. A large voltage antiviral pacifier and very rich tea after dinner to enhance digestion.


Perfect for tea at home Sun Goldenseal – A powerful herb to have in the garden: a natural antibiotic and infection fighter. Goldenseal is an herb endangered and needs to be planted and propagated. ‘s in vitamins and minerals, ideal for making tea and cooking and a wild plant to have around-rich nettles. Peppermint – One of the best tamers stomach, effective for gas and nausea. A favorite with children and can be harvested throughout the summer.

Refreshing iced tea is made ​​Sweet and soft, ideal for upset stomach and soothe the nerves – Manzanilla. .
One of the best herbs for children Elderberry – Plant elderberry bush or two for birds, if not for yourself! One of the best medicines to take your pharmacy, is a rich strong antiviral antioxidant and is excellent to ward off colds and flu. Comfrey –
A must have to make poultices for sprains and broken bones. The leaves are also a good addition for a healthy compost pile and bees are crazy about the small flowers of comfrey. Calendula –
A Quack Queen herb garden and beautiful summer flower that continues to bloom until fall. It is the healing of the skin and a must for homemade ointments, oils and facial steamers. Burdock – A gentle tonic herb with lots of traditional uses. It is very good for the skin and liver and can be enjoyed in stir-fries, soups and salads, and as well as tea and tincture. Valerian
– Perfect for those who suffer from stress, tension and other nervous system disorders ally, and a wonderful plant to have around with their long stems and delicate white flowers. Another winner of the bees!