Medieval decoration will always be in vogue!

“And as a Knight has come to rescue me. And his dragon was waiting for us outside and we flew then after his castle…”tells the girl that remains is still impressed by the yesterday’s dream. We also want to impress and to do this we have chosen to bring medieval by this time to tell a bit more of the interior design you back into the…

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The medieval decoration is open with the impressive walls connected models and statues. These are also the basis for an apartment in the medieval style. Medieval decoration combined myth and religion, until she reached a traditional Outlook with mystical and sometimes Gothic elements. Plays a traditional apartment in the medieval style in every sense with the light – being chandeliers special – emphasis, candles and candle holders are used not only to the extra light, but also as ornaments, carrying the spirit of the middle ages – enlightenment in every sense. The decoration is wood materials in the medieval houses of high quality, as well as metal products, which were used in the manufacture of various instruments.

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Many of the metal – ornaments embraced z.B dragons, Knights, swords, armor, skull and skeleton, which can be used anywhere in the apartment to decorate. All of these ornaments combine perfectly with wooden furniture, which is a symbol of the Mittelaters. See some suggestions how you your apartment with medieval decoration can teach an ancient Outlook.

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