Mediterranean bathroom – so you build as in the Mediterranean

The sanitary objects are the basis for every bathroom. Create a Mediterranean feeling round shapes and soft lines; ran thus, the bathroom exudes a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Gleaming white vessel sinks fit wonderfully on a rustic cabinet made of olivewood – The preferred species in the Mediterranean. So walnut and pine woods are used in the Mediterranean area and are perfectly suited, THEREFORE. For the protection of wood against water, you shoulders and wear a waterproof primer first.

beautiful Mediterranean bathroom oval bathtub

The round shapes move on through the bathroom: A curved bath looks elegant and can associate the wave shape of the sea, the shower tray in the quarter circle Ensures openness and THEREFORE the toilet acts as a wall-hung in the oval design much cozier , It has relied on materials: such as marble or terracotta; in modern bathrooms, HOWEVER, clear statements with beam, set white, current designs made of ceramic, mineral iron or steel enamel. The Mediterranean style comes through the decoration and floor and wall tile concept. This Creates a wonderful contrast and Combines the old-style with the new pulse. Matching to the design you choose the fittings: Here you are free, Whether you opt for playful and gilded branch reef fittings or purist mixer. Is a must again inspired bathroom rain shower in each of the Mediterranean? Dribbles from dozens of jets the cool water on the body down and you feel back – wonderful this idea immediately to southern Europe during a fresh July rain. Who would like to get home this wellness factor, found for example in calm waters head shower and shower heads.

brightly colored beautiful bathroom Mediterranean-style

Terracotta, olivewood, and marble
Not Characterized by natural materials of the Mediterranean style is unstuck programmable: the tiles come up trumps in terracotta and shine in Their fiery orange – just like the Spanish sun. Marble so Took dog reds of years ago and still always finds admiration in the bathroom. As wall or floor tiles is the bathroom and elegant Ensures a cool room temperature. Cabinets, shelves, and seating furniture consist of fine olive wood, rattan and raffia wonderfully nestled in the Mediterranean bathroom. The color scheme is heavily decorated in earth colors: ocher, brown and beige tones, light terracotta orange and accents in sea blue and grass green Provide a cozy atmosphere.

large Mediterranean bathroom with beautiful decoration

The bathroom is really Mediterranean only by the right accessories. Baskets made of rattan or past, a small stool out Provide the Desired flair pine wood, as well as photos from the recent Mediterranean holiday or flamenco dancers, lovely chapels, and fishing boats. Vases with fresh flowers and objects of art made of terracotta give the room more Mediterranean atmosphere and gorgeous fluffy towels in white with orange ornaments, as well as a thin carpet in cream give a Mediterranean touch to the room. If you like, is the more traditionally decorated bathroom with a vintage chandelier scene. You prefer a modern lighting concept? Then, you shoulder stand place at least to antique floor lamp did wonderfully take up the theme as an eye-catcher. The Mediterranean flora Provides a large palm tree and a large mirror with rounded corners are inviting and Visually enlarges the space to a wellness oasis, inspired by the Mediterranean.

catchy Mediterranean shower unique bathroom

lush Mediterranean bathroom in neutral colors