Mediterranean garden design – 31 attractive pictures

In his mind, you can be anywhere. Everything depends on how developed is his imagination. So you can get right there where you feel good and relax. If you are fans of Mediterranean-style, you can make your garden feel like on the sea, even if you are in the Centre of a large city. The Mediterranean garden design has some peculiarities that can be applied very easily. Once you have done that, you can lie on the white sofa in your garden and the afternoon enjoying your favorite book. So make the Mediterranean people.

Garden Mediterranean style rattan green flowers

Look at our proposals for Mediterranean landscaping and get lots of ideas for your own garden!

Garden Green Mediterranean style table wrought iron flower pots red container Cup

Garden Mediterranean style green ceramic wrought iron candlesticks

Garden Mediterranean style olive tree colorful cushions decorative stones

Garden Mediterranean style Spanish turquoise cushions Sea souvenirs Palms

Garden Mediterranean style turquoise tile pool stairs flowers

House garden Mediterranean decorative stones Benchtable Watering

Landscaping Mediterranean style flower pots shrubs wooden furniture

Malibu house Mediterranean garden decorative stones Lemontrees

Mediterranean garden chairs white table olive tree

Mediterranean garden colorful pillows beautiful view rattan table lamp tea mosaic

Mediterranean Garden Design Decorative stones fire colored cushions

Mediterranean Garden Design flowers ceramic red chairs

Mediterranean Garden Design green flowers lights

Mediterranean Garden Design sofa cushion blanket rattan plant

Mediterranean Garden Design table chairs wrought iron flower pot Blue Door

Mediterranean Garden Design turquoise shutters white pillow

Mediterranean Garden Design white pillow tealights

Mediterranean garden hammock colorful pillows grass shrubs

Mediterranean Garden lemon tree Decorative stones plants

Mediterranean garden old house wooden furniture fruits glasses rattan palms flowerpots Decorative stones

Mediterranean garden pink flowers table chairs wrought iron Palm watering flowerpots

Mediterranean garden pomegranate tree Blue Shutters

Mediterranean garden purple flowers Palm trees colorful cushions wrought iron fruit

Mediterranean Garden striped pillow white beige olive trees

Mediterranean garden umbrella drinks flowers colorful pillows

Mediterranean landscaping stone table wooden chairs Lantern

Steinhaus garden Mediterranean style colorful cushions lanterns candles fruits

Steinhaus Villa Mediterranean style garden green pink flowers wrought iron chairs

Villa Menorca Spain Mediterranean style stool deckchairs flowerpots

Whitehouse Garden Mediterranean shrubs flower fence