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The wallpapers are metallic luxury available to very few. The price is not suitable for all budgets, but the result is worth it.These papers are delicately crafted with painstaking techniques that get these fabulous prints. By day are nice, but at night, with games of lights projected on the walls create a dreamy effect.

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You can not resist his charm!Having gone through a period of crisis, or wallpapering wallpapers are going through one of his best, thanks to the efforts of companies and designers apply their creativity in creating fun and innovative coatings.

ÉLITIS is a French company that is dedicated to providing colorful wallpapers that supply a need that seemed dissatisfied when the company emerged.

The inspiration comes from different sources, fashion, film, photography, art, architecture, travel. His roles have earned a place in the field of design, and are recognized worldwide.

Particularly interesting is the collection of a wallpaper or wall covering Alliances with 3D effect, the company has developed over two years of research. The coating is performed in a jersey based on unfolding is thermoformed material that gives the surface in three dimensions. Paper can be easily applied to multiple types of surfaces and also provides some acoustic isolation for the thickness.

These papers have modern and trendy reasons to renew any space using a single resource. The drawing Vases is a repeat of glasses and bottles of different heights, there are also more traditional as it develops a continuous Botanica flowers, leaves and vines are woven into the surface.


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Metallic wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper design

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