Methods to build your own garden gate

One of the best additions that could have a garden is a white garden gate. Of course, the door can have any color you like. The most common style is the style Z, but the one you choose should be determined by the way that the door can be used and also depends on the type of fence.

In order to know the size of the door you need, you should measure the distance between the two poles. Then measure the height of the door should be through the placement of the tape on top of the pole and then extends to the ground. This way you will know how many tips you need for the project.
Buy and boards as needed, and as these come in two increments of 4, most likely you will have to cut to size with the help of a circular saw. To create the frame of the door to place the builder’s square at an angle of 45 ° in the tables and then put together. The square should be placed at the end of the tables and the cuts must be marked with a pencil. You can reduce these angles with the circular saw.

Place the poles in the ground and their connection by placing the 45 ° sides together. Fixing the studs with the aid of screws. The inner corners of the newly established framework should have the supports. You can have a Z type door and in this case there is no need for the corner supports.

Picketing Gate
In order to know the length of the picket gate, measure the fence pickets. Then mark the required length on the picket lines and cut to desired length with the help of the circular saw. When you are cutting wood, you should wear safety glasses to avoid being injured. Make sure the pickets are distributed uniformly within. Attach the pickets to the frame with the help of screws.

They should be installed in the door with the help of screws. Secure the door to the fence post and make sure it is level. In this process may need some help. This is the last step of the project and after that the door is made.


Garden Gate Trellis

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Private Home garden gate

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