Micro park for crowded streets

the rush of the last decades View View has brought the crowds and bustle brought the spożywczych, stress, and alienation. Often, the edge of the crowded thoroughfares is the last like where are you stop to rest or to chat with AT& T with less than a stranger.

AV Lifetime Bench

London WMBstudio design shop has created this Bench Numi av When Several goals: wish-fulfillment year oasis of greenery in the middle of town, love and audience interaction and monitoring of air quality in the city-the banks is part of an initiative of the Society of London transport for monitoring and improving the quality of life.

park bench society tour

The Bank is not fixed in the roadway-plants have been put up in containers trapped its and it is built entirely from materials found on the shelves.

But the design is very dynamic and cheerful and offers opening and opportunity for interaction between the potential occupants. Vibrant color red signals the presence of the lighthouse Bank, and vertical lines to dynamic research closely.


The area occupied by the entire bank is two parking spaces and provides an image and otherwise dull year Street and hurried on.

ParkedBench micro-park

A modular plant has dishes made of galvanized steel and is designed so as to be able to charge ‘t be used at individually and together.

The wavy shape gives more room for seating December, right. Likewise, the backrest Climbs and descends to highlight plants of Jardinière, hand-picked and thus charge they Provide Visual and tactile sensations and contrast.

Popular Micro Park

Portable ParkedBench parklet

ralfe band park bench blues

The micro-park melee