Mini pond for the balcony – 21 suggestions for the design

There are lots of pretty things for the garden can be implemented easily on the balcony. Aside from the cultivation of vegetables and various structures such as hammocks and swings, you can create also a pond on the balcony. Yes, you read correctly! Perhaps you have seen even a mini pond for the balcony. You need only a container of any size, some plants and possibly even little fish. How you decorate the pond, is entirely up to you. If you want, you can add also a small fountain.

Mini pond balcony garden path pebble shell terra cotta flower

A slightly more expensive and bigger variant for the mini pond for the balcony is to incorporate it into the ground. You should make the but best only then, if the House is your property. Also make sure to advance well inform and also an expert Council pull. We would today as inspiration introduce some interesting ideas for the mini pond for the balcony and make him like you. We hope you also enjoy in implementing your new pond!

Mini pond balcony fish graeser plans decoration idea

Mini pond balcony floor build japanese style bamboo fountain idea

Mini pond balcony graeser stones flowerpot design

Mini pond balcony lily Pink clay jug waterfall idea stone

Mini pond balcony outdoor Barrel Design Swamp rustic look

Mini pond balcony rattan design brown waterfall Idea

Mini pond balcony ring shape stiefmuetterchen blauweiss fountain

Mini pond balcony seerosenblätter idea design shell

Mini pond balcony shell deco seerosen garden

Mini pond balcony ton deko fish figures gelaender metal

Mini pond balcony tub form goldfish idea establishment

Mini pond balcony wooden Idea Romantic Design Goldfish

mini pond for the balcony buddha style graeser waterfall

mini pond for the balcony frog figure fountains faucet pebbles

mini pond for the balcony japanese style coffee table fountain palm

mini pond for the balcony plants schaleton idea marsh

mini pond for the balcony rattan bamboo window Fish aquatic plants

mini pond for the balcony tree idea gelaender parquet wanddeko

mini pond for the balcony zen garden pebbles white lanterns tiles Concrete

mini pond fountain for the corner balcony flowers pink gelaender