Mini-Tiles and Relief, New Trends in Coatings

The prestigious Spanish firm Porcelanosa innovates with its latest collections, the walls of bathrooms and kitchens

At this point no one questions the quality and excellence of Porcelanosa as a company beyond their strong communication skills and internationalization. Because this firm enjoys ‘good reputation’ worldwide .
Since the firm began in 1973 the manufacture of floor and wall tiles white body, has evolved and positioned in the market as ‘one of the great’, able to create trend.

White bathroom

They show, for example, his last, and spectacular designs for coatings, which combines quality and beauty is combined with a tendency to perfection, but without being carried only by ‘what goes’.
This has a strong commitment by the two current trends in coatings.  This is very elegant mosaics and mini-mosaics that combine myriad of shapes and colors. Y las paredes en relieve. And embossed walls.

Collection Maui, for example, looks like a micro-mosaic of irregular shapes created by hand based on small scale, whose brightness and tonal variety games generate subtle reflections on the wall. Y en varios colores a elegir: Pearl, Coffee, Red, Ocean, Dark y Metalic. And in several colors to choose from: Pearl, Coffee, Red, Ocean, Dark and Metallic.
But not everything is as it seems, these tiles are actually tiny ceramic medium format 20×31, 6 cm, very easy to place. The seam is made with a special material so imperceptible, so that the sense of continuity is complete. Come to spectacular Maui combines practicality with total success.

modern bathroom decor

Inspired by the reflections and the nature of nacre, Nacaré collection also gives the feeling of being made ​​up of small tiles, being actually ceramic tile, this time large format (33,3 x66, 6cm). The idea has been to transfer the beauty of nacre or mother of pearl to the walls of bathroom, thus forgetting the idea that this delicate material should be used in making jewelry and crafts figures.
Diseñado por el equipo de la firma Venis , de Porcelanosa Grupo, está fabricado en Designed by the firm’s team Venis, from Porcelanosa Group is made ​​monoporosa and ground finish, combines matte and gloss on the surface and is available in white and gray. In addition to the spectacular Deco version, which features a mosaic of figures that appear and fade by the play of light on its surface.

The other big trend in coatings which are pointed Porcelanosa embossed coverings for kitchens and bathrooms. Qatar and London are the names of his two collections in this regard.
Both are made monoporosa with pearly surface and glossy finish that gives them a distinctive sheen. Qatar is inspired by the slow and irregular movement of the moving dunes in the desert.While London silhouettes evoke the tranquility of a calm sea.

We end this review by the news of Crystal Porcelanosa tiles causing a great sense of depth and create a mirror effect thanks to its smooth surface and high gloss. Reflections distanced getting this collection of traditional ceramics. Crystal series is available in eight different finishes: White, Vanilla, Acid, Mocha, Orange, Cherry, Brown and Black.