Minimalist Decor and Warm

To tod @ s @ s who think that minimalism is always cold and unwelcoming, perhaps this apartment, decorated by Fertility Design team, you change your mind. With the solution of uniting living room, dining room and kitchen to create a single environment, and to achieve greater feeling of space, comfort won.



There is no doubt that in this apartment, quite minimalist and managed to re-warm and very homey. Their distribution is designed so that there’s room for both these moments of relaxation and disconnection front of the TV, on the couch, like to eat with friends, even a party.


The uniformity of materials both on the floor and the furniture and walls provides a sense of continuity. Few furnishings, but well chosen, the CH24 chair puts a touch of style and personality in the room. As the pictures show, they opted for a neutral d├ęcor with wall and floor tiles in shades of beige and cream, which then added touches of light wood furniture and carpentry. Sliding doors in the same material and finish as the dining table or fronts that cover part of the walls of the kitchen camouflage.


And for those who still do not know where (or how) to keep the bike inside the house , the owners of this apartment opted for a comfortable and decorative solution that respects as far as possible, the decoration of the space. We have seen in Home Designing.

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