Minion cake for children’s birthday – two recipes with instructions

Immediately after the first “I Simply incorrigibly” animation film has appeared, children and adults have fallen in love with the cute minions. Today, four films later, the yellow creatures are enjoying an even increasing popularity. They are a popular motif for children’s birthdays, chosen by boys as well as girls. If you are planning a Mottoparty for your little treasure, then you can also make and decorate a Minion cake. Two recipes with step-by-step instructions can be found in the article.

The variants for a Minion cake are numerous. Whether a cake with several layers, a flat birthday cake with the favorite minion or an elegant floors torte decide for yourself. However, for some cakes, a lot of skill and baking experience are required to achieve a good result. For most of the Minion’s birthday pendants, Fondant is working, so you can check out our instructions for fondant cakes in advance. In today’s article you will find two recipes for the Minion birthday cake: one with fondant and one without.

minion Pie 3d fondant-do it yourself-

A 3D Fondant Cake with large Minion makes the hearts of all children beat faster. Bob, Stuart or Kevin are the perfect motifs for the birthday cake. If you have a little experience with Fondant, try to make this Minion cake yourself. Our guide is designed to help you. We recommend you to bake the cake first and to cover it with the fondant only the next day. So the cake floors and the butter cream have enough time to cool well.

minion-cake-cake-kids birthday-the-counter

For baking and decorating this cake, some main steps have to be considered. First bake the cake floors, then fill and stack. In the following the small decoration such as clothes, glasses, eyes, arms and legs made from fondant. Then spread the cake with buttercream, cover with fondant and finally decorate. For the cake floors and the buttercream or ganache, you can use your favourite recipe.

Minion-pie-on-let-leg-fondant minion-pie-manual-hair-mouth-eyes minion-pie-manual-eye-glasses minion-pie-fondant-yourself-making instructions minion-pie-fondant-glasses-manual Minion-pie-baking-recipe-on-layer-butter-cream minion-pie-baking-fondant-manual minion-cupcakes-kids birthday-cake-alternative-minions minion-cake-cake-recipe-manual-hair-glasses minion-cake-butter cream-colored coat- minion-cake-birthday cake-recipe-manual