Minisalones full of modern ideas

If you have a small living room and want to modernize. Optimize They can decorate their yards to the fullest and at the same time follow the latest trends. So get you a small lounge filled with current ideas.

Cozy Living Room Ideas

1st. Seating area and win more seats:
It is an ideal solution to monetize generally little used space as a corner. To be trendy, which is modular and incorporates chaise-longue. If there is not enough space for it, a chair exempt simple straight lines can be the perfect complement.

2nd. Combining various materials:
Glass, metal and methacrylate are essential for a present in the living environment. Also, spaces are perfect mini for its lightness. They can add details on paper and color textieles.

3rd. Leave open spaces:
We must eliminate separacione that are not strictly necessary and separate environments screens, sliding doors, screens, … This will create a greater sense of space.

4th. Finished in chocolate:
These finishes are carried, especially in the upholstery of the chairs, leather or imitation leather, and finish of the coffee table and dining. For clarity, textiles can be combined with toasted and vibrant touch of color like strawberries or pistachio green.

5th. White never goes out of style:
White always wins especially if combined with wooden furniture and natural fibers that provide a touch warm and welcoming that alone does not have.

6th. Textiles:
The prints are losing strength for smooth fabrics, especially in natural and white colors. Remain valid only in details like the cushions and carpets; abundant flowers and geometric shapes such as circles or squares. Also, big curtains curtains give way to simpler, no creases, hence the success of curtains and panels.



living room with portaits