Mirror in the living room – models and beautiful ideas for the equipment

mirrors in the living room frame wood modern facility country house style

The mirror is a decorative and at the same time useful element in the equipment which is used in almost every space. So the mirror also often adorns the living room. In this connection, it can possess the most different forms and designs and also be formed with a frame from different materials. We would like to show a choice in impressive models, as well as interesting equipment ideas with a mirror in the living room to you in this article.
mirror living room glance mirror affordable vintage bureau patchwork marble wound
Mirrors in the living room can be an interesting eye-catcher, first of all, if they impress by their design. This is also the case with the model “Glance” of Boca do Lobo. The wall mirror becomes is limited and possesses the Look of a water lilies sheet. Beautifully is to be considered the gold ornament which also arouses the appearance as if the mirror had broken.
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