Mirror in the living room – models and nice ideas for the decor

The mirror is a decorative and useful element in the interior, which is used in almost every room. The mirror also often decorates the living room. In this case, he can have a wide variety of shapes and designs and can also be designed with frames made of different materials. A selection of impressive models, as well as interesting furnishing ideas with a mirror in the living room we would like to show you in this article.

mirror-in-living-birk-meridiani-retro-form-modern-round-corners-side tables

Mirror in the living room can be an interesting view, especially if they impress through their design. This is also the case with the model “Glance” by Boca do Lobo. The wall mirror is limited and has the look of a water lily leaf. The golden decoration, which also gives the impression that the mirror is broken, looks pretty.A round mirror is also very nice on the wall in a simple version. With a mirror in the living room, you can decorate any area. In this example, the mirror is located over the seating area. You can also highlight a side table or a chest of drawers. A bare wall looks much nicer with a mirror.

mirror-in-living-bronze-mirror-notre-monde-shabby-style-worn-look attractive

A wall mirror white is not only suitable for the modern, but also for the vintage and shabby chic style. The mirror with a wooden frame is oversized and decorates the wall of a cosy living room. A mirror in the living room also proves to be very practical for small rooms, because it makes the room look more spacious.This impressive and huge mirror of Meridiani is called “Birk” and has a certain retro charm despite its modern design. The wooden frame is covered with leather and creates an interesting accent in the otherwise simple design. If you want to display this mirror in the living room, you have the choice between three different sizes.

Mirror-in-living-room-wood-modern-furnishing-country-style mirror-in-living-stand mirror-vintage-white-big-design Mirror-living room- cubric - riflessi -commode-original-modern-abstract-surface-frame mirror-living room-big-small-wall design-blue-art-deco-beige couch mirror-living room-closet-residential wall-mirror doors-interior-ideas mirror-living room-couch-make-small-space decorating-and-white furniture mirror-living room-eidos bontempi-casa-wall mirror-shelf-wall-chandelier-brick-wall-white mirror-living room-fireplace-deco-idea-vintage-frame-orient carpet-coffee table mirror-living room-framed-muuto retro combine-commode-modern-design-concrete mirror-living room-glance-mirror-boca-do-lobo-vintage-commode-patchwork-marble-wall mirror-living room-small-round-sprocket-kare-design frame gray sofa mirror-living room-topo-titanium DEKNUDT-mirrors-silver color-standing mirror mirror-living room-window-remodel-wall tiling-wood-parquet carpet- mirror-living room-wood-frame-rustic large-chair-side table-metal mirror-living-art-deco-device-vintage-flair-fireplace-decorate-natural stone mirror-living-group-tryptic-mirror-ivar-furniture-yellow armchair sofa cushion-persian carpet Mirror-living-room-mirage-lema-strip-look-modern-decorating-living-room interior