Mix colors in decorating hallway

Add some life to your halls with these proposals that HogarTotal has gathered for you. Learn to mix colors on the wall and the floor to add to the decor of your hallway a touch of magic and enchantment.

Mixing colors allows us to obtain the most fantastic. Basically it depends on the style or approach that we want to apply to home decor. If we want to design playful demeanor, it would be best to use strong colors and bright, something totally different in the case of a sleeker design, where it is recommended to opt for clean lines and harmonious contrasts.

This time we will see a selection of neutral colors and harmonious to the hall:

Color Palette for the corridor
Blue coated
It’s amazing the feeling of warmth that can produce this hallway lined with blue and white. The tenacity of the blue color contrasts perfectly with parts of the wall dressed in white. When we add harmonious further details such as a flower vase, storage baskets and a wooden floor.

Natural Pink
The pink color is always ideal to create a more spontaneous. Unlike the blue coating is not necessary to complete one wall, on the contrary, a simple floral sufficient to cause a natural atmosphere.

Green eccentric
If you are less conventional tastes, cheer down this hall with geometric styles. Though at first glance seem somewhat eccentric, with the help of white accessories can offset any excess of one color. The secret is to find a balance.

Animated backgrounds
One advantage of using funds or animated graphics that we can use is the most fabulous mix of colors, getting a contemporary and full of life. This time the light backgrounds will prevent the display area saturated with too many colors.

Retro colors
And finally we have this luxury corridor that combines well with the walls and retro furnishings. If you want to include a circular rug and apply neutral colors for a dramatic finish .

Before opting for a color palette , regardless if it is the decoration of the hall , the kitchen or the bedroom, it is better to recognize those tendencies and shades with which you most identify, so you can capture your own personal tastes and approaches.