Mixing Styles in Decorating

On other occasions we have emphasized in each of the styles of decoration used today more and we have shown how to use them to your advantage based on the characteristics of your home , today we are going to show you is how a fusion of decorative styles can be successfully and without looking overloaded.

Beautiful style

This charming space fuses elements of oriental decor such as wood and floor cushions in her modern furniture gray, rectangular shelves and even a flat screen TV, this space has undoubtedly oriental harmony and Western sophistication.

modern decoration

This white space with minimalist with the chair and furniture suspended without touching the ground side possesses classic vintage lamp on your roof, carpet and curtains semitransparent, this place inspires freshness, spaciousness and light.

new style mixing

This room has modern furniture white, whimsical and innovative lines, white sofa, armchairs red vintage style, embellishing the space you can see works of art with warm colors and a wall clock well placed to mark the space.