Models of curtains for your kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, we must pay attention to the details, because it is a space in which we find different elements from appliances, dishes, utensils to cabinets . This room needs a good light , impossible to imagine a dark kitchen. Also must remain aerated to avoid strong odors focus. Without doubt, one of the feelings that always want to keep in this space to cook, eat and we depart, is the joy. Get it with colorful curtains. I present some models to inspire you.

kitchen curtains

Kitchen curtains with patterns
Many people prefer to place in the kitchen, curtains in this room only function, ie who have specific reasons for this space, such as bottles, fruits, vegetables, flowers etc.. If you go for them, you can actually give you a lot of freedom to your imagination, just be careful not to overload the place with the design. Tell me if this Italian-inspired shade, do not seem just lovely. If your window is long can especially play with such a design.
A great dream is to combine your kitchen curtains with tablecloth kitchen, with apron, hair dryers, towels, etc.. The idea is that the design plays with the environment in general. Does not she look great?
If you combine design also with your centerpieces, hand towels and individual, your kitchen will look even cooler

Checkered kitchen curtains

Checkered kitchen curtains

One of the favorite designs for the kitchen, it comes with plaid curtains or country style. If you think about it in any other room we afford to be as informal as in it, even in our own bedroom. The tables both large and small are cheerful, positive and casual. This model curtain is more sober but equally fabulous for your kitchen. The design is pretty classic The blue color is also ideal for kitchen curtains. Notice how it looks combined with white

Roman shade (or blinds) for the kitchen

Roman blinds for the kitchen

This is a very modern which is what allows you to fold horizontally through the curtain rods that have to every so often. The blinds are perfect for small spaces because the planes be not occupy space. I love this shade model, which more than the classic panel design leads pots prints. I want it! In white with black designs, the kitchen looks perfect shade, it matches The blinds are another good option for your kitchen windows. Photo Green is a very calming color , And how about a bamboo type shade? This material is equally efficient to distribute the light and give your kitchen a touch country we seek

They can be in a single color, prints or even perhaps will be excited to paint fabrics yourself. If you want you can find a system for going up or down with the remote control or switch.

Side curtain for your kitchen

Side curtain for your kitchen

One option that you prefer is that of the side curtain. I mean is the fabric on the top of the window and then towards the middle of the sliding window. This allows light to enter because there is a gap always uncovered. Remember that in reality in a kitchen curtain need never cast at all. The other model is great, I love the design and the combination of dark colors with soft. Is not it beautiful? I love the design of strawberries on white background .

Tips for choosing kitchen curtain
• The first thing you should worry about it is that the fabric you choose is washable. In this environment probably much more frequent washing the grease and steam, so I recommend fabrics are cotton and polyester. Do not ever place a heavy fabric that is difficult to wash and the stains to further notice. The curtains should be easy to maneuver and maintain. These for example do not occupy the entire window seem equally nice .

• The other thing is that the style you choose for them to go with your kitchen in general. For example, if your kitchen has a modern minimalist decor or too , I recommend the blinds. And for those who like strong colors in your kitchen, what do you think of these red-patterned curtains?

• As I had mentioned you also have to be careful with the space driving. If your window is very long, you can play with the design. If not, do not, looking for something simple that does not saturate the space, maybe even a shade suits you the color of your walls or cabinets.

Where to buy curtains for kitchen?
In most stores you can find decoration as you have presented in this paper, if not find some similar or new proposals. The frame and flowers are the easiest to find.

In Peru you can buy them at DECORARTE (Avenida San Luis, 3121 – San Borja – Lima) where there are interesting models, and even a range of blinds at 119 suns per square meter (ask if it is valid). Another store is DecorLider (Canevaro Avenue, 365 – Miraflores – Lima). Prices vary according to footage (square meter of your window) and some will include installation and rails. However, I recommend that you consult the latter.

I hope these ideas have helped you. Note that the easiest way to make a change in your kitchen, without spending too much, is just placing a new curtain with an original design.