Modern and Colorful Loft

The loft will not originated more than 50 years, thanks to industrial areas abandoned after World War II in the United States. The abandoned factories, with high ceiling, large windows, beams and columns were reused by artists requiring that extent, and were adapted to the needs and lifestyles of young couples and singles. Decorations lighthearted, modern and functional, with pieces of different styles and periods, are hallmarks of these spaces, which, little by little, have been adjusted to smaller areas.

modern loft

modern loft-2

A good example of modern taste, colorful and eccentric that dominates the current lofts is the showroom of the Italian company B & B Italia .

modern loft-3

The lounge seating area was completed with numerous poufs. The great value of these pieces is its enormous versatility, therefore, not only allow to have extra seats, but also can be used as end tables and, when not needed, are removed to clear the room. In this environment, combonaciĆ³n two current warm colors such as red and purple, induces serenity and create harmonious spaces, in which the strength of the stone wall is softened by these colors.

loft dining table01

The dining table, modern design and elegant wood and iron. Take combinations of materials.

loft chair

loft chair01

The latest trends are committed to combining classical pieces with modern designs. Without doubt, the contrasts dominate in all modern environments. One way to achieve this look with furniture of the same style is to play with colors: gray, blue, red, yellow … And why not!


A lounge area was set aside to create a little corner of relaxation and reflection with an elegant and modern cream colored chaise longue.

dining loft

dining table

Many times it’s the little details that make it special furniture. In this case, the stripes that decorate the top and the legs asymmetrical-all in yellow-away dining table with this traditional designs.

loft bed room

loft bed room1

For the bedroom was bet by two warm and bold colors: red and purple. The white walls, like stone walls, clarifies the intensity, vitality and energy that transmit these tones, while wood accents, present both in the ground and in much of the furniture adds warmth.